Explore The Latest Technology Features In Your New Car

Stay Connected While On The Go!

Boston area drivers tend to appreciate features that make their morning commutes easier, more convenient, and more enjoyable, especially when it comes to sitting in traffic on the way to work. Within the new inventory available at any Herb Chambers location, you'll find plenty of tech features that are designed to make your drive the best part of your day. From features like intuitive touchscreens with smartphone integration, to Bluetooth® pairing, Driver-Assistance technology and more, there's a lot to learn when you get behind the wheel of a new car, truck or SUV.

Once you've learned all you can, swing by one of our locations around Boston to pick out your next fully-equipped car, truck, or SUV!

How Does Bluetooth® Technology Work?

Bluetooth® allows you to make phone calls, use voice commands, access your address book, adjust music volume, and play your songs without needing to take your device out of your pocket!

The beauty of Bluetooth® is that it connects via a wireless signal instead of wires or cables that need to be plugged into your vehicle somewhere. Bluetooth technology used radio waves that send out a signal, which your Bluetooth®-enabled device, such as a smartphone, can pick up and connect to. Once you confirm that your Bluetooth® device is on, the vehicle's Bluetooth® connection will show up on your smartphone, and you'll be able to select and pair with it. Once you're connected, you never need to pair the two devices again, as they will automatically connect when you turn your vehicle on.

What is Smartphone Integration and How Does it Work?

Smartphone integration is a feature on most vehicles that are specifically tailored to working with Apple and Android devices. It connects via a Bluetooth® pairing but it also incorporates the look and feel of your smartphone device's screen. You can access your favorite songs and apps, use navigations features, and use voice control to manage everything. You can cruise around Cambridge and use your infotainment system without taking your eyes off the road!

What is Auto Start/Stop Technology?

Many new vehicles can include an auto start/stop feature. When you come to a complete stop, or you're in bumper-to-bumper traffic in Worcester, it will turn your vehicle off and then start it up back up automatically without you needing to touch anything. This helps you save on gas and keeps things efficient for you as you drive around town.

What is Driver-Assist Technology?

Driver-assistance technology consists of active and passive safety features that are designed to keep an extra pair of eyes on the roads for you. These features are included with many different models at Herb Chambers locations, and usually consist of:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Back-up Camera
  • Blind-Spot Monitor
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • And Many More!

  • When the snow starts falling or the traffic gets busy around Somerville, these features will help keep you aware of your surroundings and can prevent accidents before they occur. Many of these features will give you a warning light, sound indicator, or even vibrate the wheel to alert you when you drift from the lane or a vehicle is in your blind spot.

    Parking Cameras? How Do They Help Me?

    Parking cameras are now required on all new models after May 1st, 2018, and it's for a good reason! They are integral to a seamless parking experience as they display exactly what's behind you on the screen in your dashboard. These cameras can also display oncoming traffic to help you safely pull out of your parking spot.

    What is a Head-Up Display (HUD) and How Does It Make My Drive Easier?

    A head-up display is your normal dashboard information, like speed limit, mph, and other vital readouts, but projected up onto your windshield. This gives you visual access to the info you need while driving, like speed and navigation, while allowing you to keep your eyes on the road. Some HUDs are even customizable, so you can pick & choose what displays while you drive through Burlington, MA.

    Questions? Want to learn more? Stop by one of our Herb Chambers locations and let us walk you through some of these exciting features in person!