Herb Chambers Certified Pre-Owned vehicle include:

  • 5-day money back guarantee
  • 30-Day or 1,500 mile exchange Policy
  • Rigorous multi-point safety inspection
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We find the right vehicle for you

During your search for a used vehicle, you will likely take quality and affordability into consideration. While many dealerships may purport to carry products that possess both these properties, few live up to consumer expectations. That is where the Herb Chambers Company differs. Our core philosophy to give drivers the best car buying experience possible is what separates us from our competitors. By providing incentives like our Smart Pricing Guarantee which enables you to get your money back or exchange your choice of model within certain parameters, we ensure that the car you keep is one that satisfies you. So, no matter which of our dealerships you visit, you can trust our team to uphold the "one car at a time" approach, giving you the value you deserve.

Our Incentives Make Buying a Used Car a Rewarding Experience

Shopping for a used vehicle can pose a challenge as it requires comprehensive research beforehand. In fact, discrepancies in appraisal make it difficult to determine the approximate worth of a pre-owned model, leading to a gridlock during negotiations. We recognize the flaws in the system, and that is why we built a Smart Pricing model to address these issues. By working with reputable agencies like Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds, we ensure our prices are based on real-world data collected from the market. We also mitigate your risk by presenting a policy that protects you should you have a change of heart after taking a model home with you. This unique approach to buying a used car eliminates the need for tough bargaining because you will have the best deal possible right from the start.

Steps We Take to Confirm the Quality of Our Products

This hassle-free, one-price model reduces the potential of an undesirable purchase. However, we go one step further to prioritize your best interest. We carry out quality control provisions by having our certified technicians administer a rigorous examination on every product we sell. Through this process, we can certify that our vehicles operate safely. To give used car buyers like you the pleasure of driving a first-class vehicle, we even conduct a thorough reconditioning process that likens our pre-owned cars in many ways to our new selection. Better yet are our certified pre-owned models which are included with manufacturer-backed benefits like extended warranties. The point is that we uphold higher standards to please you.

Every purchase you make at our dealership includes a complete portfolio. This packet consists of a CARFAX Vehicle History Report™ and a detailed copy of our own findings through the inspection process mentioned above. This will give you the information you need to decide whether or not the used car in question is the right fit for you. In this way, we maintain transparency with our customers.

Peace of Mind Comes Standard with our Money Back and Vehicle Exchange Policy

A test drive does well to illustrate how well a vehicle performs, but sometimes it takes more time behind the wheel to realize how you really feel. For some consumers, this factor can make the process stressful. Rest assured, we have taken the steps necessary to solidify your peace of mind. With our Smart Pricing Guarantee, you can take advantage of the following:

  • Five Day, 100 Percent Money Back Guarantee:
    If your opinion on a model happens to change after spending several days with it on the road, we will honor a 100-percent refund within 5-days of your initial purchase—no questions asked
  • 30-Day, 1,500-Mile Vehicle Exchange:
    If you find yourself unsatisfied after close to a month, then this exchange program allows you to use 100 percent of what you paid for towards another smart price vehicle from any one of our locations.

Visit One of 60 Dealer Locations to Experience the Herb Chambers Advantage Firsthand

As you now know, the Herb Chambers Advantage transforms the way in which you experience used car shopping and service. Stop by one of our 60 dealership locations spread out across a 50-mile radius and you can obtain the right car at the right price. Simply contact our team, or view our terms, for more details about our products and our Smart Pricing program today.

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One of the benefits of being New England's largest dealership group is that we can provide our clients a better trade-in value at all our dealerships. Our impressive capacity empowers us to remarket your vehicle for top dollar so you get more in return. The exceptional results of our trade-ins are part of the reason why more than 55,000 people bought a vehicle from our company this past year. This profound figure is a testament to our success in creating happy customers.

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Our commitment to you could not be any more obvious. At the end of the day, your satisfaction is what motivates our team, and that is why you can always turn to the Herb Chambers Company for the best dealership experience. So, if you have been browsing the New England marketplace for a used vehicle that will exceed your expectations and want reassurance from your upcoming purchase, set your sights on a location near you. We will help you maximize the benefits of your next investment with us.