Aftermarket versus Factory Parts

Aftermarket vs. Factory Parts

Depending on where you go to have your automotive maintenance and repairs done, your vehicle may get aftermarket or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. Both have their pros and cons, so we recommend you compare the two. This will help you stay informed about what goes into the upkeep of your vehicle.

Aftermarket Parts

Automakers are not the only distributor of car parts. Rather, there are many third-party companies that develop their own. These products are known as "aftermarket parts." They tend to cost less but do keep in mind that aftermarket parts are rarely presented with a warranty and are typically not covered by your vehicle's manufacturer.

OEM Car Parts

Naturally, finding a part for a specific model is much easier through the manufacturer because the items in question are usually delivered from the assembly center. Identical to the components being replaced, you will also have greater reassurance that they will work properly once installed. An OEM part can even save you money in the long-run because they are typically backed by a one-year warranty, but the price is considerably higher up-front and the products are available only through a licensed dealer. Put simply, the benefit of OEM parts is for the quality and extra peace of mind.