2019 Honda Fit Walk Around

The Fit rides tall for such a small vehicle. Sixty inches high, it’s five inches taller than the Honda Civic sedan. Its long roofline and big windows make it look more like a boxy wagon with a wedge-shaped nose, than a hatchback. The design works though, and has held up over the last four years.

The Fit isn’t sleek like the Ford Fiesta, but it’s attractive and eye-catching in its angular way. The windshield is nearly as steep as the short nose. A sharp character crease low on the sides exaggerates the length. The rear end hints Volvo, with long vertical taillights that drop from the liftgate to the bumper. A big chrome bar runs across the back, in contrast to the otherwise cohesive styling.

The LX gets 15-inch wheels, while Sport models get blacked-out 16-inchers that look downright muscular on such a small car. EX and EX-L models get 16-inch alloys as well.


The look and feel of the interior may not be impressive, but the space and flexibility are unrivaled. It’s roomier inside than many mid-size sedans, with 39.3 inches of rear legroom.

The rear seatback drops down and the rear seats flip up, to create relatively vast cargo space. The so-called Magic Seat has four cargo/seating arrangements. A Refresh mode tilts the rear seatbacks like a lounge chair. The front passenger seat in Long mode also can fold flat, wonderful for sports equipment or construction materials. A whole bicycle or small kayak can fit in the cargo area, something that’s not possible with many crossovers.

The rear seat has great legroom and headroom, although the Magic Seat cushion is a bit thin. The tall door openings make entry and exit easy for a subcompact.

The front seats are only adequate. Long-legged drivers might not fit because the seat doesn’t slide back so far. The passenger footwell has an odd shape that cants the seating position. The interior materials are durable enough, but not very luxurious. The ambitious and busy dashboard has many angles, shapes, bits and pieces.

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