2019 Ford Flex Driving Impressions

The 287-horsepower 3.5-liter V-6 that comes standard on the Flex is smooth and works well with its fuss-free 6-speed automatic transmission. Its acceleration is adequate most of the time, but it has to work to overcome the car’s 4,500-pound weight.

However the stronger 365-hp twin-turbo V-6 can do that easily. With this engine, that comes only with the all-wheel-drive Limited, the Flex accelerates with lively response and has plenty of power for highway passing. The engine also provides some lusty sounds. It also uses a 6-speed automatic, but with paddle shifters.

The Flex has a lower center of gravity than crossovers like the Ford Explorer, which helps it handle better than them. The Flex has crisp and accurate steering that helps make it almost feel at home on a curvy road. The brakes have plenty of stopping power.

The suspension is effectively compliant, although it might be challenged in fast bumpy corners. Still, it can be fun in a canyon, and that’s saying a lot for a family seven-seater.

Its 118-inch wheelbase—five inches longer than the Explorer—helps provide it with a comfortable, composed ride. The optional 20-inch wheels might (or might not) enhance the looks, although they’re a slight bit bumpier than the stock 17s.

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