2018 Volvo V90 Walk Around

More than most automakers, Volvo still knows how to create a brilliant-styled wagon, without adding complexity. Bodysides manage to maintain a soft, organic appearance, while front- and rear-end elements suggest kinship to the company’s heritage. Hints of the celebrated P1800 sport coupe from the Sixties can even be discerned.

Distinctively complex LED lighting arrays flank the grille, ahead of a long hood. A blacked-out rear hatch emphasizes the tapering bodysides and the enticing roofline. Cross Country wagons differ primarily in plastic fender flares and modestly-elevated ride height.


Not only is the V90 roomy and commendably comfortable, its starkly simple cabin serves as a model of Scandinavian design. Some elements and attributes of the cleanly upright layout are shared with Volvo’s highly praised XC90 crossover.

Highlights include wood and metal detailing, a sublime infotainment screen, and a digital instrument cluster. Welcome levels of utility and flexibility blend with an overall sense of quality.

Seating excellence has been a Volvo tradition, and it’s immediately evident here. Front seats are impressively supportive and broadly adjustable, with long cushions. Back seats aren’t far behind, either, though door openings seem somewhat constricted for a full-size vehicle. Leather-trimmed seats are standard, with the prospect for upgrading to softer-yet upholstery.

Split rear seatbacks flip forward readily, creating a flat floor for the spacious cargo hold. However, the shape of the hatch restricts cargo-area height at the rear. An underfloor compartment permits additional small-item storage.

Active noise cancellation helps keep the cabin pleasantly quiet. Over choppy pavement, V90 riders are likely to notice more road noise than passengers in an S90 sedan.

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