2017 Porsche Macan Walk Around

Usually when two cars look alike, the bigger one looks better; but not so with the Macan, which we think is prettier than the Cayenne. The front air intakes scale down nicely, and the hood drapes over the front corners in a tidy manner. The black window trim and black brake calipers, seen through the standard 19-inch wheels, look clean. The roof has a more athletic slope, and the sculpting is smoother. The tail is also tidy, with LED taillamps snug against the wraparound gate.


The Macan murders you with switches, buttons, knobs, and rockers, more than two dozen of them on the center console, split by the shift lever. But maybe you like that sort of thing, so it might be sweet murder, and the alternative could be incomprehensible screens. The console divides the driver from the passenger and reaches the dash just beneath a bright LCD touchscreen, with a high-resolution screen in the instrument cluster serving as a redundant display.

The trim depends on the model, from simple black and gray on the base, to piano black, to aluminum or carbon fiber or dark walnut. Porsche’s custom list can wear you out with decisions to make, with almost anything available to be painted, stitched, or trimmed to your liking.

The optional front seats are exceptionally supportive, as they should be with 18 ways to support you. Thick lumbar and side bolstering, with cooling as well as heating.

The Macan can’t match the Cayenne in rear headroom and kneeroom. The bottom cushion is low and short, so the rear passengers’ knees might hit the front seatbacks; and the sunroof drops the headliner down on the heads of those passengers. The bench folds 40/20/40, so that skinny middle can fold down and into an armrest, which helps.

With the rear seat up, there’s 17.7 cubic feet of space, as big as a sedan’s trunk; and with it folded, the cargo space hits 53 cubic feet. There’s storage below the cargo floor, as well. There’s a power liftgate, and to further aid loading things, get the available air suspension that lowers the car two inches.

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