2017 Nissan Frontier Walk Around

The Frontier looks brawny, with its swelling and curving fenders. The nose, with its massive chrome grille, appears to be an afterthought.


Compared to the superb GM trucks, the Nissan cabin lacks warmth or charm. It’s simple and clean, but also boxy and old, heavy on hard plastic. The center console has no significant storage, just some shallow slots. The leather in the SL and PRO-4X models is high quality.

The front seats are very comfortable, although most models don’t have a height adjustment, so drivers with long legs may be short on legroom. It’s easy to climb in and out. Forward visibility is excellent.

The rear seats in the King Cab are only good for short distances, while in the Crew Cab there’s better legroom, although still tight at the shoulders and elbows if there are three back there, and the seats are rigidly upright.

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