2017 Ford Edge Walk Around

The sheetmetal is clean and austere. The surfaces and details wouldn’t be out of place on a BMW. The grille is big, the front end is rakish, and the profile is framed by sloping pillars. The rear pillar kicks up, making the Edge look lighter and more agile.

The Sport model looks better, with black-out trim replacing some of the glossy bits on the other models, making it look more like a sport wagon.


The interior feels more spare than some rivals, but the trim and materials are about the best in the class. Its warmer and richer than it used to be, and the design of the high dash will look good for a long time, and the black matte facing on the huge center console is nice. Not so the piano-black trim on the door pulls and cupholders that unavoidably collects ugly fingerprints.

For a while, Ford went all futuristic with touch screens, but the far more functional buttons and knobs are back. Hooray for less distraction and effort! A big round knob precisely controls the volume of the sound system, and the climate controls are clear and easy. Remaining from the future is the gauge cluster that’s configurable with steering-wheel switches.

Ford’s current Sync 3 infotainment system is a big improvement over the previous MyFord Touch system. With a true capacitive screen interface, streamlined menu system, and easier upgrades, it’s simpler to operate, clearer to interpret, and more capable at recognizing voice commands.

The front seats are high but easy to climb into, and the cloth fabric is rugged, but the seat cushions are a bit short, and skimpy on thigh support. The Sport’s perforated-leather buckets have more lateral support, but the contouring doesn’t feel much better

The split-folding rear bench seat is flat and hard, not up to the level of rivals like the Nissan Murano, even though it can recline. Which it might have to, to gain headroom with the optional panoramic roof. However there is great legroom back there, and it’s easy to fold the rear seat. There’s 73.4 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seatbacks folded, and 39.2 cubic feet with them up.

There are storage spaces everywhere. There’s a shallow but big latched bin on the dash, another just ahead of the shifter, deep door pockets, and a drawer ahead of the driver’s left knee, and a storage drawer to the left of the steering wheel.

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