When you're trying to decide on the right vehicle for your lifestyle, picking out the car, truck, minivan or SUV is a fun adventure that allows you to explore a variety of options. However, when you get to the payment part of the process, you might start to worry about what is best for you. On one hand, buying your next vehicle has benefits that a least can't possibly achieve, but on the other hand, a lease is perfect for drivers who love to check out the latest and greatest a vehicle has to offer. So, what do you choose?

Why Buy Your Next Vehicle?

When you buy a vehicle, you are taking ownership of that vehicle. That means you can add any other features to it that you feel look good or might help its value. A lease won't let you have that much control over your vehicle, so you can never customize it to match your style. When you buy your car, you never have to worry about going over a mile limit either, so you can travel as long and as far as you want without costing yourself a lot more money down the road.

Why Lease Your Next Vehicle?

With a lease, you aren't locked into a long loan term that can last upwards of six or seven years. That means you can easily upgrade to the next newest model and explore all the new technology that comes with each new model year. A lease payment is typically less per month than if you were to buy your car, and the down payment is often very minimal if one is needed at all. A lease is also covered under the manufacturer's warranty, so when you need routine maintenance, you won't have to pay out of pocket.

Whether you buy or lease your next vehicle, any of the financing teams at a Herb Chambers dealership are happy to help walk you through the benefits. Pick the ones that best suit your monthly budgeting needs and we'll get you on the road as soon as possible in a new model!

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